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Smart Tales: Interactive books for smart kids

For kids, with kids

Every app is thought for kids and designed with them to create the best product ever.

Learn while having fun

The didactic contents are created to give a fun innovative learning experience.

100% safe

Protected parental areas. Our contents are child-friendly.

Our apps

Math Tales - The Farm - Icon
Math Tales - The Farm

Help Peter the farmer in finding the animals that mysteriously disappeared.

Math Tales - The Jungle - Icon
Math Tales - The Jungle

Help the jungle animals to organize a party! You will learn math and logic.

Math Tales - Ocean - Icon
Math Tales - The Ocean

Help Octopus Mikey organize the Oceanics and learn about math and logic.

Whiskey - Icon
Whiskey the spider

Whiskey the spider lets you into his world filled with games that stimulate children's creativity and logic abilities!

Hexaparty - Icon

Hexaparty is the first game of Hexel Art for kids.

Cosmolander - Icon

A journey through the solar system, a fantastic adventure for young adults to learn while having fun.

Justabout - Icon
Doctor Justabout

An extraordinary journey of discovery through the human body designed for children and young adults.

Street Music - Icon
Street Music Academy

Play with street objects, follow the rhythm and reach perfection!

Dear Parents

Our educational contents have been conceived by a team of experts and they have been validated by hundreds of little testers. We are proud to bring you a fun and innovative learning experience. Your children can learn specific abilities that you can monitor from a dedicated parental section of the app.
We provide a new learning gaming experience you can share with your child. Don’t forget that your involvement will make it special.

  • I love the giraffe! She is just as tall as daddy!

    Giorgia, 3.
  • Mommy, can you make a banana cake just like the tiger Marie can?

    Nicole, 4.

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