Meet Marshmallow Games

We create educational apps for kids. With our games your kids can safely learn while having fun.

Our principles

Verified educational contents

Our educational apps have been created by a team of professionals and experts. We have hundreds of little testers always ready to check our games so we can provide fun from a child's perspective. No advertising, our contents are child-friendly.

Didactic paths for children

Games designed for little ones feature brand new tales and nursery rhymes that will let your child discover new worlds to keep on learning. From a dedicated parental zone of the app you can check your child’s progresses!

Learn while having fun!

We think that learning while having fun is the best way to learn. That is why our games are conceived to stimulate creativity and a fun way to learn school subjects in preschool age. We care about our children's happiness!

Technology for creativity

We have developed a tool to create interactive digital content that reduces production times and ensures high reliability of the apps created. This proprietary technology, which is the basis of our products, is now available to everyone. Zencreate, our new product, is a no-code tool to create apps, interactive books, advergames with no technical skills needed.


Chiara Aiuola

Digital Artist

Cristina Angelillo

CEO & Co-founder

Davide Angelillo

General Administration

Roberto Attolico

Marketing Manager

Caterina Basile

Performance Marketing Manager

Claudio Branca


Francesco Capozzi

CTO & Co-founder

Michele Contardi

2D Animator

Francesco Coppola

Production Manager

Danilo De Filippis


Francesco Dicarlo

Technical Team Leader

Fabio Fatticcioni

Digital Artist

Aldo Leo

Art Director

Mimmo Marchetti


Massimo Michetti

COO & Co-Founder

Mavi Nacucchi

Communication Manager

Marianna Pappalardi

CCO & Co-Founder

Marilisa Saponaro

Digital Artist


Bark Manager

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