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Interactive Tales for learning

Educational fun for kids and parents!

Nursery Rhymes

In each app you will find a brand new tale in rhyme. Nursery rhymes stimulate the sense of rhythm and memory.

Games for learning

The didactic contents are created to give a fun innovative educational learning experience.

100% safe

No advertising and no app-purchases. Our contents are child-friendly.

Our apps

Math Tales - The Farm - Icon
Math Tales - The Farm

Help Peter the farmer in finding the animals that mysteriously disappeared.

Math Tales - The Jungle - Icon
Math Tales - The Jungle

Help the jungle animals to organize a party! You will learn math and logic.

Math Tales Puzzle - The Jungle - Icon
Math Tales Puzzle - The Jungle

Enjoy jungle puzzles and train with logic. Lots of fun!

Math Tales - Halloween - Icon
Math Tales - Trick or treat

Learn to count when you are surrounded by snakes and pumpkins, but be careful and don't make mistakes!

Math Tales - Christmas Time - Icon
Math Tales - Christmas Time

Learn to count in the snowy jungle, there are many sweets waiting for you!

Math Tales - The Ocean - Icon
Math Tales - The Ocean

A new exciting episode of the saga is coming soon - children keep on learning!

Dear Parents

Our educational contents have been conceived by a team of experts and they have been validated by hundreds of little testers. We are proud to bring you a fun and innovative learning experience.
Through the interactive tale your children can learn specific abilities that you can monitor from a dedicated parental section of the app. Each game is linked to specific learning goals, each didactic area will be activated once the goal has been achieved.
Math Tales provides a new learning gaming experience you can share with your child. Don’t forget that your involvement will make it special.

  • I love the giraffe! She is just as tall as daddy!

    Giorgia, 3.
  • Mommy, can you make a banana cake just like the tiger Marie can?

    Nicole, 4.

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